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Something About Us

Sri Vasavi Recyclers is a company based in Bangalore, India dealing into collection, segregation, dismantling, recycling and refurbishment of e waste. We have latest shredders to destroy Hard Disks completely for the permanent loss of data. All our products are tested against highest standard of quality and durability before reaching our store and come with a guaranteed user satisfaction.


Support for a change by initiating disposal of e-waste on an individual level.


e-waste bins for Commercial Areas, Educational Premises, Residential Areas and Government Organisations

Why Sri Vasavi Recyclers

Something About Us

Convinient Pick Up

Just give us a call and rest of the things can be left to us to take care of. We will schedule a pickup at your convenience and provide you a hassle free experience.

Corporate & B2C Services

We serve both Corporates and Individuals. So either you want to buy in bulk or a piece, we can provide you with smoothest of services and best after sales experiences.

Recycle & Resale

Get your old product to us and get a mint one at the price unmatched by any other store. Customise your product according to your needs and budget constraints.